Fancy That! Nu Sans Font Updated

Scooter Graphics has updated their rendition of Appleis abandoned Epsy Sans font, Nu Sans, to version 9.5. The new version supports Mac OS 9.1, and is now available in available in PostScript and TrueType formats. According to Scooter Graphics:

ust wanted you to know that my $12 Nu Sans font family has been updated.Version 9.5 is now available in PostScript and TrueType flavors. TheTrueType Nu Sans uses hand-edited TrueType instructions to increasereadability at *all* point sizes. This version adds support for Appleisrecently released Mac OS 9.1 and fixes a few pixels here and there (in thefont, not in Mac OS 9.1 :-).

Nu Sans is inspired by Apple Computeris Espy Sans bitmap font. Espy Sans wasgoing to appear in Copland, but instead we got Charcoal in Mac OS 8.0. NuSans brings the most aesthetically pleasing element of that abandonedproject to your screen and your printer.

The Nu Sans font is available for US$12. You can find more information at the Scooter Graphics Web site.