Fantom Drives Acquires MicroNet

Fantom Drives has acquired MicroNet technologies. MicroNet, maker of the popular SAN Cube Storage Area Network device, adds established and compelling technologies to the Fantom line of products. Fantom will now handle warranty and customer support for MicroNet products, assuring that MicroNet customers will not be left without service and support options. According to Fantom Drives:

FANTOM DRIVES today announced completion of its acquisition of tangible assets, patents, and copyrights held by MICRONET TECHNOLOGY, INC. of Irvine, CA. The combination of MicroNetis proprietary technology and Fantom Drives international distribution channels creates a dominant force in cutting-edge storage solutions for creative professionals. The acquisition leverages existing R&D, manufacturing, brand recognition, and sales infrastructures to expand and enhance quality product offerings to Mac OS users and capture market share in the Windows and UNIX storage sectors.

Ivan W. Halperin, Senior Vice President of Fantom Drives, explained, "The acquisition enables Fantom Drives to continue production of MicroNetis unrivaled storage technology including the SANcube, RAIDbank, and Genesis product lines." Distinct product offerings under the MicroNet and Fantom Drives brands will serve as complimentary technologies to meet the unique needs of a diversified customer base. "Offering a greater selection of products while remaining focused on our core competency of bringing state-of-the-art storage solutions to market represents an exciting opportunity," commented Halperin.

Ryan J. Stern, Fantom Drivesi Director of Technical Services, stated "The acquisition results in a superlatively balanced line of storage devices, thoroughly supported by Fantom Drivesi technical expertise." Stern announced that effective immediately, Fantom Drives has resumed warranty and technical support services for MicroNet customers and can be reached at 800.321.4427. "MicroNet customers can rest assured that their warranties will remain intact and that we will continue to provide the same high level of technical support services to which they are accustomed."

Gary Bart, MicroNetis former Director of North American Sales, is the first of MicroNet employees to join the new team, effective immediately. "Fantom Drives provides the opportunity to fulfill MicroNetis mission of offering innovative storage products, backed by unparalleled customer service. MicroNetis legacy will be preserved and enhanced," Bart noted.

In related news, Fantom drives has also released a new new 16x10x40 FireWire CD-RW drive. The new drive features a TEAC mechanism, and offers users high write speeds combined with the high bandwidth of the FireWire interface. According to Fantom:

Fantom Drives today announced the immediate availability of its new TEAC-based Fantom Drives FireWire 16x10x40 CD-ReWritable drive. This addition to the Fantom Drives FireWire product line incorporates the new TEAC 16x10x40 CD-ReWritable internal mechanism, which brings affordable high speed CD-ReWritable performance to users of Macintosh and Windows computers equipped with FireWire.

The Fantom Drives FireWire 16x10x40 TEAC CD-ReWritable drive is targeted towards multimedia and creative professionals with tight workflow demands. The driveis advanced rewritable technology eclipses conventional 4x CD-RW speeds, which enables the TEAC 16x10x40 to rewrite an entire 650MB CD-Recordable disc in approximately five minutes. Additionally, the driveis 40x maximum CD read speed and high-speed audio extraction features outperform many of the built-in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives included with most desktop computer systems today.

The new Fantom 16x10x40 FireWire CD-RW drive is available for US$349. You can find more information about MicroNet and their products at the MicroNet Web site, and more information about Fantom Drives at their Web site.