Fantom Drives Announces New FireWire RAID Solution

Fantom Drives has announced a new FireWire based RAID solution, the Fantom Drives FireWire RAID. The new FireWire based RAID system allows users to easily install and configure a multiple disk storage environment, offering increased storage capacity as well as improved speed. According to Fantom Drives:

Fantom Drives today introduced the Fantom Drives FireWire RAID, the latest addition to its expanding FireWire product line. Ideal for users who need more storage or speed than can be provided by a single hard disk alone, the Fantom Drives FireWire RAID delivers high-end performance in an easy-to-use package.

The new Fantom Drives FireWire RAID product addresses the needs of consumers and professional users who work with large or complex files. As digital files continue to increase in size and number, the performance of a single hard disk drive is often no longer enough to provide an efficient workflow. Creating a simple RAID to stripe multiple disks together has long been the data storage professionalis preferred solution to this problem, but with traditional RAID systems come the traditional installation nightmares associated with "legacy" SCSI-based devices.

Unlike its SCSI brethren, the Fantom Drives FireWire RAID does not impose problematic SCSI ID settings, troublesome termination issues, or constrictive cable lengths. The Fantom Drives FireWire RAID, in fact, can be set up in minutes, providing an installation procedure that is more akin to connecting and installing the software for a mouse or keyboard than a high-performance high-capacity data storage subsystem.

Like any other FireWire storage device, once installed, the Fantom Drives FireWire RAID can be "hot plugged" or unplugged without powering down the computer ? a feature particularly suited environments in which data storage must be shared or moved between workstations. Additionally, because the FireWire interface provides bandwidth akin to an UltraWide SCSI bus, working with data becomes as quick and efficient as the RAIDis setup time.

Pricing starts at US$1599 for a 90GB array. You can find more information at the Fantom Drives Web site.