Fantom Drives Brings 15,000 RPM Drives To A RAID Near You

Fantom Drives has announced an upgrade to its G-Force hardware RAID systems. The release features new faster drives. By faster, we mean way faster. According to Fantom Drives:

Fantom Drives today announced a major upgrade to its G-Force line of Hardware RAID Systems by introducing models featuring new 15,000RPM drives from acclaimed disk drive manufacturer Seagate Technology. Based around Seagateis Cheetah X15 disk drive mechanism, the new Fantom Drives G-Force RAID 90C-15K and 126C-15K continue the G-Force RAID standard of reliability and cost effectiveness, with bold new performance.

The new G-Force RAID 15K models from Fantom Drives continue to offer the same advanced reliability features found in all G-Force RAIDs, providing an integrated hardware RAID system ideal for any SCSI-based computer or server configuration. The high-performance RAID controller of the G-Force RAID excels at the traditionally difficult task of handling Level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, or 5 RAID configurations. When set up for Level 3 or 5, a host of features formerly found only in astronomically complex and expensive RAID systems (such as Powered Hot-Spare support, Automatic Data Regeneration, and Independent Fault Isolation) ensure that access to data is uninterrupted in the event of a drive failure.

Because the G-Force handles all of the back-end RAID management tasks without the intervention of the host computer, disk drive modules may be 3Hot-Swapped2 without rebooting or interrupting the data stream to the host. The two 250W power supply modules of the G-Force RAID can also be replaced on the fly, further enhancing its ability to operate securely in enterprise and production environments.

At the heart of the new G-Force RAID 90C-15K and 126C-15K are the world1s fastest disc drives, Seagateis Cheetah X15 drive mechanisms. Already the drive of choice among the large enterprise-level systems found in the world1s leading corporations, the Fantom Drives G-Force RAID 15K brings this technology to the creative professional. With 50% faster latency than any other drive mechanism in the industry, and a record-breaking 3.9 millisecond seek time, this ability to rapidly gain information translates to improved productivity and profitability.

Two new 15K configurations join Fantom Drives1 G-Force RAID series.

G-Force RAID 90c-15K -- 905GB (6x18GB 15,000 RPM)
Ultra-Wide SCSI
G-Force RAID 126c-15K - 126GB (8x18GB 15,000 RPM)

The G-Force product line is available now and you can find more information about it at Fantom Drivesi site.