FastMac Debuts Slim 8X Dual Layer SuperDrives

FastMac on Friday introduced a new slim 8X Dual Layer SuperDrive thatis compatible with G5 iMacs, G3 and G4 PowerBooks, G4 iBooks, Mac minis and Power Mac G4 Cubes. Itis plug-and-play compatible with all versions of Mac OS X, according to the company, and comes with a free copy of Mac OS X v10.3. The drive also burns discs through the Finder as well as through iTunes and iDVD.

Pricing starts at US$149.95 for the version that works with G3 PowerBooks, G5 iMacs, Mac minis, G4 iBooks, Aluminum G4 PowerBooks, and Titanium G4 PowerBooks that came with a Combo or SuperDrive. Power Mac G4 Cube owners, as well as Titanium G4 PowerBook users whose computers came with a DVD-ROM/CD-ROM read-only drive, will need the $199.95 version.