FastTrack Speeds To A New Version

AEC Software has updated their powerful project-manger software, FastTrack Schedule, to version 7. The new version will add a host of time-saving and customization tools, while also improving the interface. According to AEC:

AEC Software, leading developers of business productivity solutions, today announced the forthcoming release of FastTrack Schedule 7.0. The new version, expected to ship in September, will allow users to plan their projects with greater control and precision, while offering even more customization options and time-saving automation tools. FastTrack Schedule 7.0 features new Resource and Calendar views, yet maintains the easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality for which it is known.

In addition to creating vivid, professional schedules, the award-winning program can now help users assign and track resources, and offers the control to display project details as a schedule, a traditional calendar or a resource graph. The new Resource View tracks percent effort, work calendars, and costs for each person or piece of equipment involved in the project, and the new Calendar View clearly displays project statuses in weeks or months with range and filter options to create calendars for individual team members. FastTrack Schedule 7.0 also features Critical Path identification, Ranges, customizable Palettes, assignment tracking, editable links, new fields and columns, Dynamic Range Filters, QuickLook Balloons, an ExpressTime(TM) Pop-up Clock, Smart Cursors, Web Help, and Real-time Collaboration capabilities.

In addition to the desktop version, AEC Software will also release FastTrack Schedule 7.0 for the Palm OS(TM). The new mobile version will enable users to view multiple schedules, add or edit project information, beam schedules to other palm devices, and sync schedules directly with the desktop version of FastTrack Schedule.

FastTrack Schedule is scheduled to ship in September for US$299. You can find more information at the AEC Software web site.