FastTrack Speeds Towards OS X

AEC Software has announced that FastTrack Schedule is being developed as a Carbon API-based product, which will allow it to take advantage of the capabilities of Mac OS X. Plans call for the new version of this project manager to ship after the public release of Mac OS X. According to the company:

The newest release of FastTrack Schedule runs beautifully as a Classic application on Mac OS X, but features available through Carbon, like the Aqua interface and Quartz display technology, are amazing. As a company, weire committed to offering full support of Mac OS X.

Our company has been developing software for the Macintosh for well over ten years. We will continue to support the Macintosh platform in the future. And it is becoming quite clear that the future of Macintosh is Mac OS X. We eagerly anticipate a version of FastTrack Schedule that embraces Appleis vision.

FastTrack Schedule single-user licenses are available for US$299, and upgrades are priced from US$129. You can find more information on the product at the companyis web site.