Fast Ethernet...And We Mean FAST

Asante and Apple have teamed up to offer a 4-port gigabit ethernet switch as an option at the Apple Store online. The Asante GX4-400 Gigabit Ethernet works over standard copper wire, and is fully compatible with all of Appleis new G4 computers. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies, Inc. today announced that the Asant? FriendlyNET GX4 Gigabit Ethernet over copper switch is immediately available at Apple Computeris online store. After Apple customers select the configuration of any new Power Mac G4 with built in Ethernet, they may select the Asante GX4-400 switch. The Asante FriendlyNET GX4-400 four Gigabit port switch is available for just $999 (includes $300 instant rebate). Customers may also select an Asante certified Gigabit Ethernet copper cable for 1 cent. The Asante promotion will be positioned as the top choice after the question iDo you need anything else?i

Last week Asante and Apple jointly introduced the most affordable Gigabit Ethernet switch to date. The Asante FriendlyNET(tm) GX4-400 Gigabit Ethernet over copper switch was designed to work with the newest Apple Power Mac G4s.

The FriendlyNET GX4-400 switch is usually available for US$1299, but is available through the Apple store for a short time for US$999. You can find more information at the Asante web site.