Faster Spotlight Searches

Tigeris Spotlight is a powerful and flexible search tool, but its interface is, well, broken. Spotlightis "dynamic" search feature may be fine for some, but I find that it becomes painfully slow when the first few characters of my search term are common letter combinations, like "air," or "doc."

Thankfully, Laserlight from One Left Foot has come to my rescue. This little application lets you enter your search terms, and then passes the information to Spotlight so that you donit have to wait for your results list to narrow down as you type, and you can search for document names, or perform a standard Spotlight search of your document contents. It also lets you choose the type of document you are searching for, like contacts, PDFs, or mail.

Laserlight can limit your searches to a single file type.

Laserlight is donationware, and you can download it at the One Left Foot Web site.

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