FatBits Shipping New iCal Utility

FatBits Software has released a new app for Mac users, Meton 1.0. Meton is a utility designed for displaying iCal events. The app features user defined configuration and is displayed via submenus. According to FatBits Software:

Meton is a Status Item Menu, which displays iCal events, making them easily accessable from anywhere in your system without the need to launch iCal.

Meton can be configured to display events from today, yesterday, tomorrow, and this week in the main menu or as submenus. Each event in turn has itis own submenu that displays relevant information about each event, if defined. Including: location, time, attendees, status, url, and notes. Selecting a date from the menu displays that day in iCal. Selecting an event displays that event in iCal. Attendees can be emailed and websites launched by selecting them from an events submenu.

You can find more information about the Meton release at the FatBits Software Web site. Meton is available for US$3.00.