Februrary 9th, 2001

There are lots of great articles, and some really bad ones, on the Internet. Though we link to all of them at MacOS News Around The Web, some of them deserve special mention here. Most of what we will mention within these pages will be among the best, but on occasion we will talk about articles that are so bad or so wrong we just have to say something. Consider them mini-editorials on our part about things we think you might also be interested in.

Best [3:00 PM] Macworld UK - New Chip Will Shrink AirPort
While initially skeptical, the sheer "coolness" of Appleis AirPort technology was first brought to the forefront of The Mac Observeris minds during last summeris MWNY Expo. This technology is truly amazing, and Apple and Lucent are apparently teaming to make it even better. This article talks about what the future of AirPort might look like, and it is promising. Our favorite quote from this piece:

The new chip could end up reducing the size and cost of wireless base-stations, Lucent claims. According to the company, base stations currently use 10 to 20 chips which are made of gallium arsenide - a semiconducting material more expensive than silicon.

Smaller AirPort equipment with double the range? Outstanding! Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

Best [3:00 PM] ZDNet - Drool-worthy: Why you, too, could love the PowerBook G4 Titanium
While all of the Mac world knows that the new G4 Titanium PowerBook is an amazing piece of hardware, how about the rest of humanity? So far so good. It seems that the "I NEED THAT" lust inspired by the TiBook strikes PC users as well as the Mac faithful. This ZDNet article talks about just that, TiBook lust. Our favorite quote from this piece:

WELL, WITHIN SECONDS of arriving at our offices, our fair-minded Barry was fondling this poor notebook so badly that we thought we could have a harassment case on our hands. In fairness, even we must admit that this has got to be the coolest-looking notebook weive seen to date...

OK, now I need one. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

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