Feeling Hyper? Hyper Games Can Help

HyperInfo has updated their compendium of multimedia based games, HyperGames Centre, to version 3.1. HyperGames Centre includes over 85 games to help ease the tension of the holidays, or pass some time with the family. According to HyperInfo:

HyperInfo Canada Inc. has posted HyperGames Centre 3.1 for Apple Macintosh. HyperGames Centre is a multimedia application, jam-packed with more than 85 exciting games and useful utilities. Creative games include an acclaimed Pong clone, a Pac-Man clone, animations, music makers, mathematical puzzles, educational quizzes, clocks and calendars, a periodic table game, and much much more. The multimedia software is available directly on-line.

HyperGames Centre is available for US$10. You can find more information at the HyperInfo web site.