Feral Announces Chessmaster 9000 To Be Ported To Mac

Feral Interactive has announced the porting of Chessmaster 9000 for the Mac platform. Chessmaster is a popular chess game app. The latest version features dificulty levels up to rank 2700 USCF, and course lessons to improve player strategy. According to Feral Interactive:

Feral Interactive announces, Ubi Soft’s world’s most popular chess simulation: ChessMaster 9000.

By simulating almost every level of chess player up to a rank of 2700 USCF and teaching players how to play in a fun and addictive way or improve their chess talents with International Master Josh Waitzkin, no wonder ChessMaster 9000 is the world’s most popular chess program.

ChessMaster 9000 is the latest in a best-selling series (the last version to appear on the Macintosh was ChessMaster 6000 in the late 90s). The player is given the choice of different boards and different opponents (Computer or real life player) of different strength.

ChessMaster will allow the player to enjoy and learn from more than 800 classic games, including the best of 2001 and 2002 Grand Master games, features avec 150 different opponents, has the best graphics ever seen in a chess program with true 3D gameplay and can be played online.

You can find more information about the Chessmaster 9000 development at the Feral Interactive Web site.