Feral Releases Free Add-Ons For Enemy Engaged

Feral Interactive on Friday released a free collection of new maps and skirmishes for the helicopter combat game Enemy Engaged. The mods, which were created by various users and posted to the Internet, are what Feral says are the best available. They include campaigns that take place above Alaska and the Golan Heights, among other places.

In addition, the publisher released a trailer for its upcoming game Fable: The Lost Chapters, an extended version of the role-playing game that was previously released for the Xbox and is now in development for Mac and Windows. Feral has not announced a release date yet.

Fable: The Lost Chapters is a fantasy game set in a world called Albion, where the playeris character begins his adventures as a child but eventually visits the Heroes Guild to receive the training needed to undertake quests and missions. The characteris actions in the game determine his status as a good or evil person and dictate how non-player characters act toward him. Feral said that the Mac and Windows versions of Fable will include more content and customization features than the Xbox edition, as well as better graphics.

Finally, Feral confirmed that it will be in attendance at the upcoming Apple Expo Paris, which takes place Sept. 20 to 25. The company will be showing off Commandos Battle Pack, Ford Racing 2 and Chessmaster 9000.