Feral to Bring Colin McRae Rally 2005 to the Mac

During a Q&A with Feral Interactive president David Stephen, MacGamer.com owner Corey Tamas received an intriguing scoop: the publisher will bring Colin McRae Rally 2005 to the Mac sometime during the next six months. Mr. Stephen told Mr. Tamas: "While rally driving is a sport thatis probably better known in Europe and Asia than it is in North America, the series has received great critical reception from American reviewers and we believe that it will set a new standard for driving games on the Mac."

Colin McRae Rally 2005 was released last year for PC, Xbox and Nokiais N-GAGE. The CodeMasters title features plenty of cutting-edge graphical details, as related by Mr. Stephen: "Each vehicle features its own individual damage model and the tracks are all fully animated, so fences twist and fall over if you drive into them, while crashing into a tree will cause leaves to fall to the ground. When driving over sand or gravel, dynamic clouds of debris plume out from behind the the car; if you perform a series of sharp brakes or a power-slide, then the brake-discs glow red hot."

The game features more than 30 cars, from the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA to the VW Beetle RSi, as well as nine international locations, each with eight stages. The new career mode, which is a first for the Colin McRae Rally series, offers over 20 individual events and more than 300 stages. Gamers will also be able to compete online in races that support up to eight players. Mr. Stephen did not indicate a shipping date, price or system requirements.

Colin McRae Rally 2005 in action