Feral's Commandos Battle Pack is Soon to Ship

In the companyis latest Friday update, Feral Interactive announced that its Commandos Battle Pack has entered duplication and will be shipping soon. Comprising Commandos 2: Men of Courage and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, the Battle Pack puts gamers in charge of a highly-trained squad of commandos during World War II.

Combining elements of role-playing and strategy games, the Commandos adventures require players to use each soldieris strengths, such as brute force or the ability to steal items, to their advantage as they undertake a variety of missions that place an emphasis on stealth. While Commandos 3 features better graphics than the second installment in the series, both use an isometric 2D view similar to the one found in the Balduris Gate games, among others.

Commandos Battle Pack is available now for pre-order at US$50. Commandos 2 minimum system requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2, a G3 500MHz processor, 256MB RAM, a 16MB video card, 1.85GB free hard drive space and a DVD drive. Commandos 3 needs an 800MHz processor, 32MB Video RAM and 2.5GB free hard drive space. For both games, Feral recommends Mac OS X v10.3, a 1GHz G4, 512MB RAM and 64MB Video RAM.

The company also promised on Friday a patch for Chessmaster 9000 within 10 days. It will fix a crashing problem with the game under Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger." Feral reported that all of its other games run fine under the new OS.