Fetch This: OS X Version Of Venerable FTP App Updated

Sometimes, amidst all of the change forced on us by OS X we want something comfortable and familiar. Enter Fetch. The classic FTP client has been released for OS X, and a new update is available. Fetch allows users to easily browse remote site and either upload or download files with ease. According to Dartmouth College, the makers of Fetch:

A public beta of Fetch 4.0 is now available for testing by users of the Mac OS X Public Beta. Fetch 4.0 has a number of new features, including mirroring, remote editing, and server-to-server transfers, along with a clearer, updated user interface. Fetch 4.0 for Mac OS X takes advantage of the Aqua user interface, and runs as a native Carbon application on Mac OS X. Fetch 4.0 will be made available for Mac OS 7, 8 and 9 at a future date.

Features of Fetch 4.0:

  • Multiple Connections
  • Drag and Drop - Fetch features extensive support for drag and drop (which requires System 7.5, or else the Macintosh Drag and Drop extension and Finder 7.1.3 or later). Files and directories can be dragged to and from remote sites. URLs can be dragged to bookmark list windows and text editors. Even some preferences can be set via drag and drop.
  • Open Transport - Fetch is one of the first applications to ship with Open Transport code, for better performance on PCI Macintoshes and soon non-PCI models as well.
  • Apple Events - Fetch is the only Mac FTP client with Apple Event Object Model support, for easier and more powerful scripting with languages such as AppleScript, Frontier, and others. Fetch is also "recordable," so writing a simple script can be as simple as hitting the "Record" button in your script editor.
  • Bookmark Lists - Fetch supports multiple bookmark lists, with easy drag and drop editing and reordering.
  • Resume Download - Fetch is the only Mac FTP client that can restart interrupted transfers, making it unnecessary to re-download data that has already been transfered.
  • Firewalls - Fetch supports simple proxy servers, SOCKS gateways, passive mode transfers, and a user-selected port-number range, all to make Fetchis operation behind firewalls more convenient. In addition, Fetch supports the One-Time Password and S/Key systems for protecting the privacy of passwords.
  • Searching - Fetch supports the "SITE INDEX" command for searching FTP archives by file name ("SITE INDEX" is not supported by all servers).
  • Permissions
  • Much more...

This beta version of Fetch is available for free. You can find more information at the Fetch web site.