FibreShare 2.0 Now Supports ATTO's ExpressPCI Fibre Channel

Charismac has announced expanded compatibility for FibreShare 2.0. FibreShare is a utility designed for managing ethernet networks. The app now features support for ATTO Techis ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host bus adapters. According to Charismac:

Charismac Engineering Inc. announced support for ATTO Technologyis ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host bus adapters in FibreShare V2.0 today.

FibreShare V 2.0 is Charismacis reliable new Storage Area Networking (SAN) software for OS X. Charismac will also offer users of ATTOis Accelware SAN software for OS 9 an aggressive upgrade path to update their software to FibreShare V2.0 for OS X.

FibreShare V2.0, released in early summer, has been met with very enthusiastic demand as it hits the market as the first SAN sharing solution to ship in volume with support for OS X. FibreShare V2.0 allows multiple users to access shared storage over high-performance Fibre Channel connection.

Using a dual-port ATTO fibre channel card and a 2 GB Fibre channel storage array such as Appleis XRAID, FibreShare v2.0 users can see speeds in excess of 200 MB/sec at each workstation in a SAN environment while seamlessly sharing data between hosts.

ATTO ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host adapters feature Advanced Data Streaming (ADStm) Technology, which boosts the performance of data-intensive video, audio and prepress environments through fast and efficient transfer of large-block data.

You can find more information about FibreShare at the Charismac Web site. FibreShare carries a suggested retail price of US$1,249.00 per network seat.