Fidelity's Investment Advisor Arm Halves Stake In Apple, Sells 17 Million Shares

Fidelityis investment advisor arm, FMR Corp., has announced that it has halved its stake in Apple. According to a Reuters report, FMR has reduced its holdings from 36.4 million shares to 17.8 million shares since April 10th. From the short Reuters article:

FMR Corp., investment adviser to mutual fund giant Fidelity, said on Wednesday it had halved its stake in Apple Computer Inc. to 4.99 percent.

In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, FMR said it now holds 17.8 million shares in the California-based computer manufacturer compared to 36.4 million shares or 10.28 percent on April 10.

April 10th predates any signs of slowing sales from Apple.

As of press time, Appleis stock is trading at 17.32, down 0.21 (-1.20%), on light volume of 3,694,300 shares trading hands. You can read the original Reuters report at Yahoo!is Web site.

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