Fifth Beta Release Of Keyboard Maestro

ClaireWare Software has released another public beta version of Keyboard Maestro, bringing it to version 5. Keyboard Maestro is an OS X hot key utility. According to ClaireWare Software:

I am pleased to introduce you to public beta 5 of Keyboard Maestro, the premier hot key application for MacOS X from a MacOS developer who has been making MacOS shareware applications since 1991!

Keyboard Maestro allows you to easily define any number of hot keys that can be activated anywhere simply by pressing a user definable keystroke.

Keyboard Maestro also brings to MacOS X the wildly popular Classic MacOS application switching utility, Program Switcher. In fact, Keyboard Maestro is written by the author of Program Switcher. With the Program Switcher feature, you are able to launch, switch, hide, and quit applications with a single, simple keystroke.

New features in this release of Keyboard Maestro include:

  • New Hot Keys
  • Remap Keystroke: Allows you to remap any keystroke into something else. Ideal for PowerBook users without full keyboards
  • Bring All Current Application Windows Forward: Brings every window of the current application to the top layer
  • Hide Current Application: Hides the current application
  • Improved Hot Key Editing: Much more elegant method to define hot key keystrokes, improvements to the Insert Text hot key, ability to define hot keys that use only the function keys with no modifiers, and default hot keys for new users
  • Improved Preference File Format: much more fault tolerant, including the movement of hot key target files

You can find more information about the fifth public beta release of Keyboard Maestro at the ClaireWare Software Web site. The final version of Keyboard Maestro is priced at US$20.00.