FileMaker Based Scheduling App Released

DW Data Concepts has released a new multi-user scheduling application, Appointment. Appointment uses FileMaker Pro to offer a full-featured scheduling application allowing users to easily book and monitor appointments from a number of different sources. According to DW Data Concepts:

Some companies use scheduling boards or master calendar books to schedule time, space, and other resources. But now thereis a better system available for FileMaker Pro users - itis a powerful, flexible scheduling application called "Appointment 1.0."

With Appointment 1.0, you can tell at a glance who?s meeting with whom, or which resources are being used at any given moment. Itis a fast, convenient way to avoid scheduling conflicts while maximizing resources and enhancing the productivity of your administrative support staff.

With Appointment 1.0 you can effortlessly choose any of a number of different appointment views, so you can view the information any way you want to. Plus, itis easily customizable, so you get everything you need to effectively manage resources in virtually any situation.

*** Developeris ***

If youire developing a FileMaker Pro solution for a client and you need to include a multi-user scheduling function, you could certainly spend the time to develop the module yourself?or you could simply plug in our Appointment 1.0 application!

Pricing for Appointment starts at US$70. You can find more information at the Appointment Web site.