FileMaker DevCon Winners Announced

A patient management system for the radiation onocology industry that tracks critical-path patient care information took home top honors at the FileMaker Pro 7 Developer Solution Contest, which took place at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference last week.

Bob Shockey of The Alchemy Group took home about $12,000 in hardware and software for his efforts. Six other finalists, originally selected on the basis of originality, best FileMaker Pro 7-based tricks, best use of FileMaker Pro 7 technology, and best user interface, include: Brian Dunning, Richard Carlton, Joseph Patterson, Dawn Heady, Longin Ziegler, and Cris Ippolite. Details on the winners can be found at this FileMaker page.

Separately, at the FileMaker Developer Conference the company celebrated shipping its 10 millionth copy of FileMaker since the company was formed 20 years ago.