FileMaker Developers Unite!

CoreSolutions Development has released a set of standards for FileMaker Pro developers, allowing for greater standardization and extensibility for those working with FileMaker applications. CoreSolutions hopes that by setting and following a set of developmental standards, the quality of finished work will improve and developers will more easily be able to share knowledge and information. According to CoreSolutions Development:

CoreSolutions Development Inc. have published a comprehensive set of development standards for FileMaker Pro. These standards are being distributed from our web site, free of charge, to anyone who would like them. The intent is to share our experiences with the entire FileMaker community, to help promote high quality database development and to continually improve the standards based on feedback we receive from other developers.

These standards are the result of the collective work of a number of very experienced developers and represent some of the best ideas being used in FileMaker development today. By implementing them in your organization you will benefit from the knowledge and combined experience of these developers.

John Mark Osborne from Database Pros, remarks; ?Without standards, it is impossible to develop a FileMaker solution in a group environment where many developers contribute to a project. Itis like trying to work in an office where no one speaks the same language. Anytime another developer needs to inspect your work, the job is significantly easier when following standard field, relationship, script and value list naming conventions. Even if you are the only developer working on a project, six months down the line standards help to remind yourself why you programmed something the way you did?.

Understandably there is definite distinction between having standards and using them on a day-to-day basis. The most predominant reason why standards don?t get used is simply because they are too rigid and difficult to implement. To be useful and workable standards must be flexible, adaptable to any project, easy to follow, easy to implement and not impede upon the developers? creativity or the project development itself. We believe these standards meet this criteria.

Those that are interested can find more information, including a comprehensive list of the proposed standards, at the CoreSolutions web site.