FileMaker Development Tool Updated

Waves in Motion have released a scaled down version of their popular FileMaker development tool, Analyzer. Analyzer allows users to more easily develop and edit FileMaker databases by monitoring and mapping all aspects of any particular project. According to Waves in Motion:

Frustrated with FileMakeris limited development tools, Vince has drawn onthis experience and developed a new, free version of Analyzer, Waves inMotionis popular development tool that clearly and automatically documentsand cross-references most every element of a FileMaker project: everyfield, every layout, every relationship, every value list, and everyscript.

Depending on their needs, FileMaker developers can use Analyzer Lite togenerate summarized or detailed project reports. To choose one example: thedetailed report for a particular field contains a list of all the layoutsthat include the field and every relationship that references the field.Analyzer indicates the type for each field, if a field is indexed or not,and the number of repetitions for each field.

And with all this information gathered together, cross-referenced, andformatted in a series of straightforward layouts, Analyzer Lite is also theperfect tool for documenting your projects. You can add comments anywherein the project database generated by the Analyzer or easily export theinformation you need into your own reports, in plain text for printing orHTML for online documentation.

Analyzer Lite is available for free. You can find more information at the Waves in Motion Web site.