FileMaker Plug-In Update Now Shipping

Comm-Unity Networking Systems has released an update for SCRIPTit, bringing it to version 1.0.2. SCRIPTit is a FileMaker Pro interface enhancement designed for Web developers. The SCRIPTit update features a slimed down navigation interface and is cross-platform supported. According to Comm-Unity Networking Systems:

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces a new version of SCRIPTit available, version 1.0.2. This version fixes a few minor bugs that have popped up over the last few weeks since its release.

SCRIPTit is a very flexible FileMaker interface enhancement plug-in that allows you to create script events and dynamic popup menus all with the power of XML markup. With this plug-in you can define script events that happen immediately, at any future time, or on any repeating interval.

New Features:

  • New "AUTO UPDATE" parameter to the Version function to return an Auto Update-Friendly version number for working with Server 5.5is Auto Plug-in Update feature.
  • Fixes a bug with XML Entities (", &, etc.) not being properly decoded in attributes
  • Mac OS 9/X - Fixes a few High ASCII character translation bugs in menu item captions
  • Mac OS 9/X - Fixes a menu memory freeing bug

You can find more information about the SCRIPTit release at the Comm-Unity Networking Systems Web site. SCRIPTit 1.0.2 is available starting at US$89.00.