FileMaker Plug-in Allows Users To Easily Add Dialog Boxes

24U has released a new FileMaker Pro plug-in for easily adding dialog boxes to FileMaker databases, 24U SimpleDialog Plug-in. The new plug-in allows users to easily build dialog boxes containing a wide range of information including text fields, passwords, check boxes, and radio buttons. According to 24U:

Today 24U s.r.o. has released a new "must to have" product, 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 1.0 for Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Provided you use FileMaker Pro, 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In will let you display almost arbitrary dialog boxes which combine text fields, passwords, checkboxes, and radio buttons. All this is as easy as the standard Show Message and Status (CurrentMessageChoice)...

Adding custom dialogs to FileMaker Pro was never so simple!

24U SimpleDialog Plug-in is available for US$24. You can find more information at the 24U Web site.