FileMaker Plug-ins Get Carbonized

Following on the heels of this weekis announcement that FileMaker Pro 5.5 is Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X, Waves in Motion has announced that four of their most popular FileMaker plug-ins are also Carbonized and ready to work with the lastest version of FileMaker. The oAzium line of plug-ins adds powerful functionality to any FileMaker database. According to Waves in Motion:

To celebrate the release of FileMaker Pro 5.5 for MacOS X, Waves in Motion announces Mac OS X support for four of our most popular plug-ins oAzium Events 3.0, oAzium Date & Time 3.0, oAzium String Functions 2.0 and oAzium Portal Filter 1.0. These plug-ins will now run natively on Mac OS X with FileMaker Pro 5.5.

Features and upgrades for individual plug-ins include:

  • oAzium Events 3.0 - With oAzium Events, you can trigger FileMaker scripts on schedules, at regular intervals or when the user takes certain actions. You can also flexibly schedule the opening and closing of databases. Additionally, you can take advantage of a powerful external function interface, integrating every feature of the plug-in into your own solutions. Available for US$89.

  • oAzium Date & Time 3.0 - This plug-in makes a large assortment of date and time related functions available to your calculations and scripts. Now you can easily calculate elapsed time in any unit across hours, days, or even years. For advanced profiling or scientific applications, you can track time to the millisecond. Finally, you can build complex date-range based relationships. Available for US$49.

  • oAzium String Functions 2.0 - Are you tired of complex String manipulation calculations in FileMaker Pro then this is the plug-in that will save you hours and make your calculations easier to understand... Available for US$49.

  • oAzium Portal Filter 1.0 - The Portal Filter plug-in lets you add a "Filter" field to your layout and have your portals update on the fly to show rows that match that filter. You have to see it to believe it! Available for US$49.

Current registered users are entitled to a free upgrade, and will receive download instructions by email.

These mark the first batch of oAzium plug-ins for Mac OS X, and we plan to make the entire oAzium plug-in line Mac OS X native in the near future.

You can find more information on their full line of OS X compatible products at the Waves in Motion Web site.