FileMaker Pro News Delivered To Your Palm

Brian Dunning has announced the availability of FMPasap for FileMaker Pro users. FMPasap is a free service that allows news and update info to be directly sent to Handhelds and Internet-enabled phones. The service includes links, articles, and courseware for the FileMaker Pro community. Accordiung to Brian Dunning:

Announcing FMPasap, the mobile channel exclusively for FileMaker Pro users, available for your Palm, Pocket PC, or Internet-enabled mobile phone.

FMPasap brings you all the latest FileMaker Pro news (updated twice daily), plus a wealth of links to tips, tricks, shareware, freeware, articles, and courseware. No FileMaker user should be without it!

Adding this channel to your handheld is fast, easy, and free. FMPasap uses AvantGo to deliver updated content to your handheld every time you synchronize. AvantGo is the leading provider of mobile infrastructure software and services.

You can find more information about FMPasap at the FMPasap Web site. FMPasap is a free service sponsored by Brian Dunning and the FileMaker Pro community.