FileMaker Pro Plug-in With Custom Prefs

[6:00 AM]FileMaker Pro Plug-in With Custom Prefs
by Mike Washlesky

24Us.r.o. has released 24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In 1.0. 24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In is a FileMaker Pro plug-in designed to allow users to set custom prefs and global variables for databases on a global field. According to 24Us.r.o:

24U s.r.o. has released a new cross-platform 24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In 1.0 for FileMaker Pro for Mac OS and OS X.

Extend your FileMaker Pro solutions with custom preferences and global variables available from all databases!

This FileMaker Pro plug-in makes it possible to use custom preferences and global variables. Custom preferences can be stored on your hard disk and retrieved later by any FileMaker Pro application. Global variables can be created on-the-fly and accessed from any database within the same FileMaker Pro application.

24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In 1.0 is usefull for every FileMaker Pro developer who creates multi-file solutions. Global variables can be used as simpler replacement for gobal fields, and also let you to prevent opening multiple copies of the same database.

You can find more information about 24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In at the 24Us.r.o. Web site. 24U Preferencis+Globals Plug-In 1.0 is available for US