FileMaker Rolls Out FileMaker 8 Product Line

FileMaker on Monday introduced FileMaker Pro 8, the latest version of the venerable database tool. Prominent new features in this upgrade include PDF Maker and Excel Maker, which enable users to turn their reports into PDFs or Microsoft Excel files.

Other new features include fast match, which finds all matching records based on the information in the current field; fast send, which enables users to e-mail the contents of almost any field without leaving FileMaker; auto-complete, which automatically completes the data in an entry based on previous entries or Value Lists; e-mail merge, for e-mailing information to individuals or groups; tab panel control, which builds layouts with multiple tabs in one step; support for mouse scroll wheels, including Appleis new Mighty Mouse; and more.

FileMaker also took the wraps off FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced, which was formerly known as FileMaker Developer. New features aimed at database developers include custom menus, custom tooltips, a data viewer and more.

In addition, FileMaker introduced FileMaker Server 8, FileMaker Server 8 Advanced and FileMaker Mobile 8. Instant Web Publishing has been updated in FileMaker Server 8 Advanced for extended functionality and security, and the FileMaker Server 8 database engine has been optimized for better performance.

FileMaker Pro 8 pricing is US$299, or $179 to upgrade from an earlier version. FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced pricing is $499 and $299, respectively. Theyire available now.

The other applications will ship in the fall. FileMaker Server 8 is $999 or $299 as an upgrade from version 7 ad $599 as an upgrade from version 6 or 5.5. FileMaker Server 8 Advanced is $2,499, $749 as an upgrade from version 7 or $1,499 from version 6. FileMaker Mobile 8 is $69, $19 as an upgrade.