FileStorm And FileStorm Pro Now Shipping

Mind Vision Software is now shipping two new apps for Mac users, FileStorm and FileStorm Pro. The FileStorm line are distibution utilities designed for software development and electronic delivery. The apps feature a WYSIWYG visual interface and burning capabilities. According to Mind Vision:

MindVision Software, the leading developer of software delivery tools for Macintosh today announced the newest additions to their software family. FileStorm and FileStorm Pro are easy to use tools designed to quickly package and deliver Mac OS X software products.

FileStorm and FileStorm Pro are built from the ground up as Unix/OS X Aqua applications and take advantage of the latest advancements in OS X to offer a rich WYSIWYG visual user interface to create customized disk image files (.dmg files) for delivering software products via the Internet.

In addition, the built-in CD burning capabilities allow the developer to seamlessly create CD-ROMs from disk images. The developer has the capability to easily customize the look and feel of their disk images with customized backgrounds, icon placement, and more. The fully visual interface allows the developer to see exactly how their disk image will look in real time.

FileStorm Pro has all the functionality of FileStorm, plus it includes powerful tools to create installers which fully utilize the Aqua user interface in OS X. The installers can be customized with read me files, license agreements, multimedia files, and much more.

You can find more information about the FileStorm and FileStorm Pro at the Mind Vision Web site. FileStorm is available for US$19.95, and FileStorm Pro is available for US79.95.