FileWave X Updated With Expanded Distribution

FileWave has released an update for FileWave X, bringing it to version 1.6. The FileWave series of tools are designed for network administration and management. The update features network disribution and improved reporting. According to FileWave:

FileWave, the leading provider of MacOS X systems management software, today announced significant updates to its flagship software suite FileWave™ X 1.6. The new version allows businesses of all sizes to distribute MacOS X software easily and rapidly across their distributed networks.

The administrator defines a model configuration only once at a centralized location, and is then able to deploy the configured software to all relevant client computers. FileWave’s network-based software administration tools, including configuration and monitoring, are transparent to the end user. With FileWave™ X 1.6, the reporting features are greatly enhanced.

You can find more information about the FileWave update at the FileWave Web site. Pricing information available by contacting the FIleWave sales team.