File Backup Utility Update From Tri-Edre

Tri-Edre has released an update for Tri-BACKUP, bringing it to version 3.03. Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility used for file storage on OS X. The update has several performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Tri-Edre:

We are proud to announce the availability of a new version of our backup utility for Mac OS X (and 9), Tri-BACKUP 3.03.

Tri-BACKUP 3 feature a new backup mode: the "Evolutive Mirror Backup" saves the entire content of a disk with its changes. It saves the structure of each folder (what was modified, added and removed) as well as the recent versions of each modified document. Thanks to this function, you can revert any document (or a whole disk) to a previous state.

The most important new feature brought by this new version is the ability to create stand alone files which can automatically trigger a backup when double-clicked. Tri-BACKUP 3.03 can also synchronize files between two disks (between a desktop computer and a laptop computer for instance) only in one direction (from the desktop computer to the laptop computer for instance).

Optimizations and new features in version 3.03:

  • new "one way" programmed synchronization: an option allows to synchronize only from the left folder (the reference) to the right folder (the slave copy), instead of synchronizing in both directions.
  • immediate backup is now done directly in the destination folder/disk, without creating a subfolder with the same name
  • new possibility to create files running an action with a simple double-click
  • option (in Settings) to quit when all daily actions are done
  • if "ALT" key is down when quitting, actions to be run at shutdown are skipped
  • under Mac OS 9 and 8, Tri-BACKUP opens at shutdown only if programmed actions are only set at shutdown
  • files date is displayed with seconds in immediate actions
  • empty folders are copied and updated when running programmed Synchronization, Mirror and Evolutive Backup (in previous version, empty folders were not copied)
  • "_" character replaces the slash ("/") and point (".") in name created from the date (incremental and evolutive backup, etc.). This avoid possible side effects when the backup is done to servers running a non-Macintosh system
  • solves date issue (when date has odd seconds) with certain network volumes that saves date with a 2 seconds resolution (for example, DOS filesystem always save date with even seconds)
  • minor issues fixed

You can find more information about the Tri-BACKUP update at the Tri-Edre Web site. Tri-BACKUP 3.03 is available for US$49.00.