File Editor Updated From IFD

IFD has released an update for HexEdit, bringing it to version 1.80. HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor designed for both data and resource fork file management. The update features multiple performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to IFD:

The latest version of HexEdit, v1.80, has been released on SourceForge and the IFD site.

HexEdit is a Macintosh hexadecimal file editor that handles both data and resource forks. It is the most widely used editor of itis kind on MacOS, can handle file sizes of many megabytes with ease, yet has memory requirements of less than a Megabyte (with color turned off). It can compare whole files for similarities or differences and can find hex or ASCII strings in files.

There were many user experience and GUI improvements and fixes, including color windows now being standard, with several user- definable color schemes added. Under Mac OS X and 8/9 with CarbonLib installed (most users) you can now use a scroll wheel to scroll HexEdit windows.

You can find more information about the HexEdit update at the IFD Web site. HexEdit 1.80 is available as freeware