File Editor Updated From IFD

IFD has released an update for HexEdit, bringing it to version 1.85. HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor designed for both data and resource fork file management. The update features several performance enhancements including search engine speed improvements and bug fixes. According to IFD:

Ideas From the Deep announces the release of HexEdit v1.85 which offers major improvements in working with very large files (100+MB), often 100x speed improvements on searching, editing, and loading.

It also offers many minor bug fixes and improvments:

  • re-wrote the search routine to get a 100x speedup! (650MB search in 1.25 minues vs 120+)
  • re-wrote file comparison routines in same manner as new search code
  • Only a single file comparison routine (instead of one for match and one for diff)
  • Outlines are in grey instead of black, which works better for any color scheme
  • e-wrote the selection hiliting code to come out closer to selection hilite in textedit
  • Files used to be limited to one chunk in memory at a time
  • Moved Color Schemes and templates to seperate file
  • and more..

You can find more information about the HexEdit update at the IFD Web site. HexEdit 1.85 is available as freeware

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