File Editor Updated From IFD With Speed Enhancements

IFD has released an update for HexEdit, bringing it to version 1.88. HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor designed for both data and resource fork file management. The update features several performance enhancements including speed improvements and bug fixes. According to IFD:

Yes, itis true...HexEdit is 10 years old! Jim Bumgardner first released HexEdit v1.0 on July 23, 1993 and the Mac OS community has been grateful for his wonderful file editor ever since. So, happy (somewhat belated) birthday to HexEdit on itis 10th anniversary!

HexEdit v1.88 enhances and speeds up find/replace, fixes some bugs, and adds the ability to select which resource to edit via AppleScript.

1.88 Features:

  • Massive speed increase for Replace All (no user interface updates until finished!)
  • Replace now shows what was replaced (ie, the replacement bytes) in the destination window
  • Finding a string in a window no longer brings that window forward (ie, leaves find window on top)
  • Fixed printing rectangle (Ron Langley)
  • Fixed highlighting of differences in file compare (probably fixed in v1.86/1.87)

You can find more information about the HexEdit update at the IFD Web site. HexEdit 1.88 is available as freeware