File Manipulator Gets Updated From Chaotic Software

Chaotic Software has released an update for File Manipulator, bringing it to version 2.0.2. File Manipulator is a droplet creator designed for file renaming and filtering. The update features folder copying and moving bug fixes. According to Chaotic Software:

Chaotic Software just released File Manipulator 2.0.2.

File Manipulator is the ultimate file/folder manipulation utility. It allows you to create self-contained Droplets to Move, Copy, Delete, and Rename files/folders, Change File Types and Creators, Log files, and more. You can limit which files are manipulated using a variety of powerful criteria, including Size, Label, Name, Attributes, Comments, Image Type, Version, etc. File Manipulator and the Droplets created by it run natively on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

File Manipulator 2.0.2 change history:

  • Fixed problem with moving or copying folders

You can find more information about the File Manipulator update at the Chaotic Software Web site. File Manipulator 2.0.2 is available for US$20.00.