File Sharing App Sharity Updated

Objective Development has released an update for Sharity, bringing it to version 2.7. Sharity is a file sharing client designed for cross-platform compatibility. The update features various bug fixes and new NFS3 modules. According to Objective Development:

Objective Development today announced the availability of the stable 2.7 release of their interoperability software "Sharity". Sharity is a client for the file sharing protocol used by Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP), Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, Samba and many others.

Sharity mounts shares exported by these servers in the file system of Mac OS X and Unix computers. Mounting means that you can open files directly from the server with any application you like, as if they were on a local disk.


  • Fixed deadlocks on Mac OS X (especially 10.1.4 and greater)
  • New NFS3 module breaks the 2GB file size limit inherent to the NFS2 module used so far. (Requires that the operating system supports NFS3 sufficiently well.)
  • Improved browsing, Sharity should now be able to find the list of servers in almost any network
  • Fixed various bugs

You can find more information about the Sharity update at the Objective Development Web site. Sharity 2.7 upgrades are free for registered users, while multiple connections start at US$59.00.