File Sync Utility Released fron Econ Tech

Econ Technologies is now shipping ChronoSync for the Mac. ChronoSync is a back-up file and folder syncing utility designed for connecting several devices to a network. The app ships with several features including multiple file syncing and an automated schedule function. According to Econ Technologies:

Econ Technologies announces ChronoSync, their latest Cocoa based Mac OS X product. ChronoSync easily synchronizes or backs-up files and folders in a variety of ways. ChronoSync is the perfect solution to synchronize your laptop and desktop, computers on a network and even run simple backups.

ChronoSync offers these capabilities:

  • Designate one or more files or folders to be synchronized
  • Synchronize between fixed hard drives, removable media, file servers or other computers
  • Automate synchronization with a full-featured scheduler
  • Transaction log maintains a complete history of any synchronization
  • Customize the toolbar to your own specifications
  • Synchronize files in each direction or bi-directional
  • Apply rules to further select files by name, size, date, extension and several other more advanced options
  • Use special options that ignore invisible files, resolve alias, preserve
    folder attributes and add detailed entries to logs
  • Use trial mode to preview and modify synchronizations before they occur
  • All synchronization settings are stored in separate, self-contained, double-click- able documents
  • Use AppleScripts to automate the process even further

You can find more information about ChronoSync at the Econ Technologies Web site. ChronoSync is available for US$19.95.