Final Cut Pro Tutorials Now Shipping From DVcreators is now shipping expanded Final Cut 3 tutorials. The Final Cut Pro PowerStart is a 2 CD set designed as a tutorial for Final Cut users. The latest set contains tutorials for the newest features found in FCP 3, like color correction and the QuickView window. According to

Final Cut Pro PowerStart, a 2-CD set from containing two complete Final Cut Pro hands-on, self-paced courses, is now shipping with new tutorials on color correction, the QuickView Window and other new features in Final Cut Pro 3.

The Final Cut Pro PowerStart course includes basic to advanced editing, compositing and motion graphics, and is presented in innovative, patent-pending chunkalized™ learning environment in which the user is actually creating the tutorial projects, hands-on, in Final Cut Pro along with the "virtual instructor."

You can find more information about the Final Cut Pro PowerStart at the Web site. The Final Cut Pro PowerStart set is available for US$79.95.