Final Version Of RealOne Player For OS X Is Released

RealNetworks has just released a completed version of RealOne Player for Mac OS X. This latest version replaces all pervious versions of the RealOne Player, and is intended to be the final release (version 1.0) of RealOne Player for Mac OS X. RealOne Player includes a variety of features, and is intended to be the single app that you use to manage your streaming content, Internet multimedia, music, movies, etc. This from RealNetworks press release:

RealNetworks, Inc. today shipped the gold release of RealOne Player for Mac OS X, indicating the final code-complete version of RealOne technology for Mac OS X introduced in beta in July. The gold version of RealOne Player for Mac OS X now features TurboPlay, giving broadband users near-instant playback of RealVideo and RealAudio by dramatically reducing the time it takes to load or "buffer" a clip prior to playback through the intelligent utilization of available bandwidth on a broadband connection. This latest version of the RealOne Player also gives Mac users direct radio tuner access to the industryis best radio selection: 1700 radio stations from around the world, categorized by genre and location.

Mac OS X users are now encouraged to download the gold release so that they may also take advantage of the RealOne SuperPass subscription service, which allows Mac users to subscribe to the best news, sports and entertainment content on the Web, featuring brand-name digital programming from partners such as:

  • Complete World News Tonight and Nightline programs from the night before- indexed by story. Exclusive Primetime Special interviews by Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters.
  • CNN: Hourly video news updates with QuickCast. CNN Uncut, a daily webcast with behind-the-scenes footage and in-depth news stories created exclusively for the Web.
  • FOXSports: Exclusive footage of the Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones reunion; sizzling Anna Kournikova video from her swimsuit calendar shoot; highlights from Big 12 Football matchups featuring Nebraska, Kansas State, Oklahoma and more; plus, an array of superstar interviews from the Best D*mn Sports Show featuring the likes of Alex Rodriquez, Barry Bonds, Pierce Brosnan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oscar De La Hoya and dozens more.
  • NBA: Daily video highlights and the NBA Top Dunk of the Night as well as the latest live NBA action with Audio League Pass that provides fans with access to audio play-by-play of every NBA game, home and away.

Mac OS X users can now also enjoy RealOne RadioPass, a subscription offering that elevates Internet radio to a whole new level with higher fidelity, near CD-quality 64 kbps radio feeds. RealOne RadioPass features 50 premium, ad-free, pre-programmed radio stations accessible by genre. It is highlighted with a iNow Playingi feature that shows what songs are currently playing in each premium station, thereby enabling consumers to easily make a decision to switch stations to hear their favorite song without having to turn the dial to find the tune.

You can find more information on RealOne Player for Mac OS X at the companyis Mac information page. Hidden at the top, and buried near the bottom, of the page is a link to a free player for Mac OS X. RealOne Player SuperPass subscriptions are priced at US$9.95 per month, and a 14-day trial is available.