Finance Helps Manage Your Money

Mike Yenco has updated his personal finance management program, Finance for Macintosh, to version 3.5. Finance allows users to easily track checking and savings accounts, as well as an assortment of credit card accounts. The new version features an automatic updated feature, as well as instant sorting of records by date. According to Mr. Yenco:

Finance for Mac is the award-winning personal checking, savings, and credit card account management program from YENCO.COM. It features quick and easy setup, pop-up menus and FileLink to speed data entry, automatic calculations, account overview, account searching, built in context-aware help, and much more! It is fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and Year 2000 compliant.

This version contains the following change:

  • Removes the zoom box from all window title bars to prevent accidentally resizing the windows, which is not supported in this software and could lead to unexpected results and in some very obscure cases even an unexpected quit.

Finance for Macintosh is available for US$20. You can find more information at the web site.