Finance Maintenance Update Released

YENCO.COM has released an update for Finance, bringing it to version 4.5.5. Finance is a personal account management app designed to work along side your electronic banking account. The maintenance update fixes an obscure bug. According to YENCO.COM:

YENCO.COM is proud to announce the release of Finance 4.5.5!

Finance is a checking, savings, and credit card account management program. It enables you to quickly enter, view or modify transactions, search through your records, and reconcile your account balance with your bank statement by just clicking a button.

This update fixes a rather obscure bug where trying to change the transaction type of an existing record rather than creating a new record first would result in the auto-save routine entering the new (incorrect) transaction type for the existing record. This problem in turn could lead to an error in the balance if that record was deleted.

You can find more information about the Finance update at the YENCO.COM Web site. Finance 4.5.5 is free for registered uers, while the full version is available for US$20.00.