Find That Package...Anywhere

Intelli Innovations has updated Package Tracker to version 2.5.4. Package Tracker allows users to monitor the status and location of a package, with a tracking number, shipped via any of the major parcel carriers. The updated restores functionality with the Federal Express system. According to Intelli Innovations:

ntelli Innovations, Inc. has posted Package Tracker 2.5.4, an update to itis package tracking and management software for the Macintosh platform. It adds a corrected plugin for Federal Express, which stopped working last week due to a website change. Airborneis plugin has been enhanced to display information in a more organized way, and 4 reported bugs have been fixed. A new, streamlined installer allows users to dynamically download UPS rates files as needed.

Package Tracker tracks packages from major carriers, organizes shipping information in tracking databases, summarizes the status of shipments, and exports tracking information for use in databases. Without the need for a web browser, Package Tracker interfaces with major carriers to provide instant tracking detail, all with the simplicity of a stand-alone application.

  • Powerful tracking of all your shipments
  • Tracking Manager keeps favorite parcels at hand
  • Snapshots store tracking information during transit
  • Easily print queries for future reference
  • Convenient control strip module for easy tracking
  • Automatic shipper detection simplifies queries
  • Multiple tracking lists
  • Concise tracking summaries
  • Batch tracking of entire tracking lists
  • Tab delimited database import/export of tracking lists

Package Tracker is available for US$35. You can find more information at the Intelli Innovations web site.