Finder Enhancement Zingg! Updated With New Configs And More

Rainer Brockerhoff has released an update for Zingg!, bringing it to version 1.3. Zingg! is a fast launch contextual menu designed to enhance the Mac finder. Zingg! allows users to select certain apps from a list for secure launching. The update features bug fixes and other enhancements including new configuration options. According to Rainer Brockerhoff:

Rainer Brockerhoff announces the release of version 1.3 of Zingg!, a Fast Launch contextual menu for Mac OS X.

Zingg! shows a list of all applications that claim to open the selected file. The user can select certain applications to be always included or always excluded from the list, and Classic applications may receive special handling.

Version 1.3 has the following bug fixes and new functionality:

  • Several new configuration options have been added, including the ability to restrict the list to applications in standard folders, include running applications, and restrict the list to applications marked as "Always" or "Override"
  • Setting up the application list is now much faster
  • The application list can now be sorted by any column in either ascending or descending order. The sort criteria, and the column width, are now remembered from one run to the next
  • Applications contained within other application packages or bundles now are excluded from the list
  • Changing settings can now be done with a contextual menu, and you can ask to show any application in the Finder
  • Selected application paths can now be copied to the clipboard, and are also available to system services such as XRay
  • The cursor now changes to a hand when you are over a link in the "About" or "Update" windows, and the tooltip for the link shows the actual URL
  • Testing if the Classic environment was running was broken in 1.2 under some system versions, it works again now
  • The "About" window now has a "Go to topic" popup
  • Previously, Zingg! would save any changes without confirmation when quitting by the "Quit" menu item. It now asks for confirmation in the standard manner
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Zingg! update at the Rainer Brockerhoff Web site. Zingg! 1.3 is available as freeware.