Finder Plug-In Updated

PUBLICSPACE.NET has released a beta version of "A Better Finder Rename", bringing it to version 4.5 b1. "A Better Finder Rename" is a plug-in for the Mac finder designed to simplify renaming multiple files. The new version has performance enhancements including contextual menu integration within the OS X finder. According to PUBLICSPACE.NET:

PUBLICSPACE.NET is pleased to announce version 4.5 beta 1 of its "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement.

A Better Finder RENAME version 4.5 beta 1 for MacOS X features the long awaiting contextual menu integration into the OS X Finder, as well as including a full MindVision licensed installer. Previous OS X versions used a dock item and a drag & drop interface.

You can find more information about the beta version of "A Better Finder Rename" at the PUBLICSPACE.NET Web site. "A Better Finder Rename" 4.5.b1 is available for US$14.95.