Finder Plug-In Updated

PUBLICSPACE.NET has released an update for "A Better Finder Rename", bringing it to version 4.8. "A Better Finder Rename" is a plug-in for the Mac finder designed to simplify renaming multiple files. The latest version features performance enhancements preparing for the upcoming version 5 release. According to PUBLICSPACE.NET:

PUBLICSPACE.NET is pleased to announce version 4.8 of its "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement.

A Better Finder Rename 4.8 for Mac OS 9 & OS X adds the ability to rename a file to its modification or creation date. The OS X version is now an application bundle and the installer supports automatic uninstalls. The new version also includes additional internal changes preparing the way for a host of new features scheduled for version 5.

You can find more information about the "A Better Finder Rename" release at the PUBLICSPACE.NET Web site. "A Better Finder Rename" 4.8 is available for US$14.95.