Finding Better Gas Prices with Your Mac

Letis face it: Gas prices really suck right now. I havenit yet figured out how to use my Mac to make gas prices come down, but I have found a way to use my Mac to find the best prices in my area.

I use the Gas widget from interdimension media to help me keep from spending more than I have to when I fill up my caris tank. Thanks to Gas Price Watch, it finds the best fuel prices in my area, links to Google Maps to show me exactly where the gas station with the best prices is, and even lets me display the best prices for multiple gas grades.

Gas finds the lowest fuel prices in your area.

Since Gas is a Dashboard widget, youill need Mac OS X 10.4 or higher or a utility like Amnesty Widget Browser. It is free, but the developer will take donations, so be sure to pay what you think the widget is worth. Gas is available for download at the interdimension media Web site.

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