Finding Nemo, Care Bears Games For Kids Debut

Buena Vista Games, a division of Disney, and THQ subsidiary Valusoft have introduced Finding Nemo: Learning With Nemo and Care Bears: Catch a Star, two new "edutainment" titles aimed at children. The former features Nemois first day of school, with players tasked with helping him and his friend Dory collect pictures of various sea creatures. Along the way, they get to play such mini games as Pearlis Garden Eel Bingo, Knock iEm Down Nemo, Turtle Hopping at the EAC and more.

Pricing is US$19.99. A product page was not available on the Buena Vista Games Web site as The Mac Observer posted this article. System requirements were also not released, although the publisher did state that Learning With Nemo runs on both Windows and Mac.

Care Bears: Catch a Star was developed under a licensing agreement with American Greetings, which created the Care Bears. The game features 10 of the most popular Care Bears in such mini games as Cheer Bearis Cheer Up Bubbles, Share Bearis Ping Pong Fun, Good Luck Bearis Charm Builder and more.

Pricing for the Care Bears game is also $19.99. While ValuSoftis Web site doesnit state the minimum version of Mac OS X required, the rest of this titleis system requirements call for a 300MHz processor, 32MB RAM, 250MB free hard drive space, a display capable of 640 x 480 resolution and an 8X CD-ROM drive.

The Care Bears in action