Finer Enhancement Helps Keep Work Organized

Infamus Software has released an updated to their handy Finder enhancement, SnapTop Pro, now at version 2.1. SnapTop Pro allows users to easily hide open applications, bringing forth the Finder or other specified app, with a simple keystroke. According to Infamus Software:

SnapTop Pro 2.1 is a unique Macintosh utility that will boost yourproductivity and overall enjoyment of your Macintosh. What SnapTop Pro doesis simple... It allows the user easy and instant access to thedesktop/Finder from any application. You often work with many applicationsat one time, and switching back and forth and hiding applications to be ableto view and use items on your desktop and/or in the Finder is a drag (to saythe least)... SnapTop Pro fixes that! It offers easy, customizable keycombinations that instantly snap to your desktop and hide open applications(hide, not close!). Snapping back is as simple as another key stroke.

SnapTop Pro 2.1 comes with Collapse, a powerful feature that is sure toboost productivity even more. SnapTop Prois Collapse will collapse (showonly the title bars) all windows in the Finder for as long as you hold downthe Collapse combo. This gives you instant access to the root of yourdesktop, without closing your open windows. Release the keys and yourwindows are fully open again.

SnapTop Pro is customizable and comes with a configuration utility thatallows you to set and edit your key combinations at any time, on the fly.And SnapTop Pro comes ready to go with built-in defaults.

SnapTop Pro is available for US$12.95. You can find more information at the Infamus Software Web site.